Charlie and Claire

The Love of My Dreams

Do you ever get those moments when you have someone stuck in your head? Someone who you barely know anything about, yet you feel this great urge to find them. Find this one person who maybe you only met once….. Or spent a week at a camp with….. Something with them that left you wanting more.

And then you begin having the dreams, or nightmares…. This person is so stuck that they now begin to control what you see after you fall asleep. Them. And you never got this person’s number, or email, or whatever else that there is to get from them…. And that is your regret. For all you have is the person’s name, and no amount of searched on Facebook, or Instagram, or Tumblr, or Google…. Or whatever else. Will ever allow you to find them again.

This one person is stuck in your head, good enough to call it their home, and all that you can do is hope that you get over them. Hope that their nonessential presence disappears, but then you suddenly wonder…. “Why are they stuck in my head away? And, What is so special about this one person?” So why must we all suffer on the presence of a person, who may not even still be alive, yet who has become a person we love in or dreams?